John Anderson


L.G.Anderson Transport Ltd has always been a family owned
and run business.

Based in Lower Hutt, the company was started in 1951 by the late Les Anderson with support from his wife Betty.

John Anderson joined his father in 1958, 

In the early days the company was part of Kiwi Carriers, a co-operative of owner drivers.  John helped out when he wasn't at school but got his real start when he stepped in as a relief driver.  Then in the early 1970's John became a partner in the business with his father.

It was in the mid 70,s that John's younger brother Les Anderson joined the company, and today works in customer service. 

By the mid 70's the company had grown and was servicing local clients in various types of freight to and from the Port of Wellington and around the Greater Wellington Area.

During the late 60's and 70's freight landing at the ports came in as loose cargo and it was here that L.G.Anderson's progression towards LCL and FCL transportation began. 

John took over the business in the late 80's after the passing of his father. Following in the family tradition John's son Chris joined the company and now runs administration as well as implementing all technical software.

During the 80's the company started extending its operation around the lower North Island to include line haul. It was during this period that customers began to import freight in FCL containers. 

From the early 90's the company concentrated on cartage of FCL containers and LCL freight from the Port of Wellington, as well as servicing regular clients in the Grreater Wellington Area.

From the mid-90's to present day L.G.Anderson Transport's progression towards FCL and LCL cartage expanded to the point where much of our core business is container oreintated.  We are now headquartered at Wingate which has our FCL and LCL despatch as well as a transitional holding facility.

Currently L.G.Anderson Transport employs 38 staff, operates 14 canopy trucks and vans, 10 swinglifts and 7 container/trailer combinations.


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